Welcome to the Home Page of Michigan Crossover

Michigan Crossover was established in 1997.

The Crossover consists of players from various locations throughout the state of Michigan and the northern part of Ohio. Our club has age groups ages 10-18 that competes in AAU, Junior Nationals, and Nike travel tournaments.

Crossover is the only Girls Michigan travel team sponsored by Nike.

Located in Detroit MI. our organization is registered with the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU).

Our Mission: Provide opportunities for young women to fulfill their dreams academically, socially and athletically.

Michigan Crossover basketball is a celebration of the best the game has to offer. It’s about the game and its players at its highest level and its purest form.

The formula is simple: Provide student-athletes with an opportunity to learn from the best coaches, compete against top competition and our young women will be able to showcase their skills, gain national recognition and enhance their position for a college scholarship. Along the way they will receive valuable instruction and training. Also they will have fun and make lifelong friends.

Girls sports opportunities haven’t existed in great numbers, nor received significant support or visibility until the last decade or so. However it is proven that sports provides girls tremendous benefits including setting goals, learning new skills and also to be able to see how far their skills will carry them.

Over the last decade, Michigan Crossover has been the most dominating girls basketball program in the state. Michigan Crossover is the House of Champions!

Why settle for better when best is in your reach!

Contact The Michigan Crossover By going to Director Emez Olivers Page following the link below: https://microssover.com/director-emez-oliver/

Miss Basketball Michigan 2016:  Kysre Gondrezick


Miss Basketball Michigan 2015: Tania Davis


Miss Basketball Michigan 2013: Tori Jankoska

Miss Basketball Michigan 2013 Tori Jankoska.jpg